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WW1 Flight Simulator

"Red Baron is the original, 16-color, WWI flight simulator.
You'll experience the look and feel of aerial warfare in WWI.
Engage in close-range dogfights, take on Zeppelins,
escort bombers deep into enemy territory, go undercover in nighttime missions
and go head-to-head with such famous Aces as the Red Baron himself.

Note: Self Extracting .Exe File. Down load to a New Folder (example: flight simulator)
Click and it will self install into that folder.
Than read the "read me" text
or Click on icon...and start playing
Then open the read me .txt...when you realize you dont know how to play.



NOTE: This version of Redbaron is identical to the original 16 color version.
However, because it is a free downloadable version there is no manual availible.
Technical Support will not be provided. We hope you enjoy this opertunity
to play the original Red Baron.